EMCO CapOxi 2060c is a Pulse Oximeter with Capnograph which is a combination of CO2 technology from Respironics Inc., USA and SpO2 technology from Nonin Medical Inc., USA.

  1. 3 colour Perfusion LED displays the perfusion status –
    Green : Good Perfusion
    Orange : Marginal Perfusion
    Red : Inadequate Perfusion
  2. Pulse Beep is sounded for every detected pulse, with tone varying according to SpO2 value.
  3. Ten segment bar graph indicates pulse strength.
  4. Wide range of sensors available with most of the sensors having 3 metre lengths.
  5. Sensors Alarm indicates that the sensor has been disconnected either from patient or from Oximeter.



Sp02 Range 0 to 100%
Accuracy ±2 digits at 70-100%
Averaging 4, 8, 16 beat – automatic
Sensors Adult Finger, Paediatric Finger & Universal “Y”
Pulse Range 718 to 300 bpm
Accuracy ±3% ±1 digits
Averaging 8, 16, 32 beat – automatic
Pulse Beep Tone Changes with SpO3 value

Flexibility to Choose Mainstream or Sidestream Capnography


Mainstream Sensor (CAPNOSTAT 5)®


  1. Small, lightweight mainstream CO2 sensor provides accurate and reliable monitoring for all intubated patients from neonates to adults.
  2. Built for maximum durability, the sensor is tough enough to withstand everyday life in the ICU or EMS environments.
  3. Useful in long-term Ventilator Management, Verification of proper ET tube placement, Confirmation of ET tube stability during transport.


Sidestream Sensor (LoFlo)®


  1. LoFla is the newest 50 ml sampling rate Co2 sensor that provides consistent and reliable CO2 monitoring of adult, paediatric and neonatal patients.
  2. Useful in monitoring the effects of pain- controlled analgesia monitoring respiratory efforts during procedural sedation, safety monitor post-extubation, Screening tool in the ED for respiracy complications such as asthma.